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Front End Developer is the unOfficial Repository of jQuery plugins

I have launched the website on June 2012 , now boasts more than 900 plugins

It is updated daily

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Bootstrap 3 Grid Builder

It is an Angular-js App to quickly build a Bootstrap 3 grid

  1. Pre-built templates for kick-starting development.
  2. Content placeholders to understand which piece goes where.
  3. Quickly testing your layout across multiple devices.
  4. Optimized code generation .


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LifeLine Chrome Extension

Lifeline Chrome Extension that saves all the webpages when you are browsing .So the next time you are offline you can visit the page.

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A curated blog which lists new angular directives/modules/services listed with their creator, download, home, creator and bower links .It is regularly updated.

angular-js directives

Frontbin | Jsonlint, jshint, dencoder, jsbeautify, markdown editor, live html editing, pastebin... for front-end developers


Web-Design Workshop In College

I have Conducted a Web-Design Workshop in my College via IEEE Student Branch which took place for 2 days.


RubyConf India 2013

The Ruby Conference India took place at Hyatt Hotel and they select 15 student sponsors to participate in the conference

I was selected for that and attended the conference

At Ruby Conference

Simpel html5 template

Simpel is a free single page website template for photographers designed for flexibility and ease of use

See Demo

Subah html5 template

Subah is a free to use html5 responsive template made for showcasing an android / ios / windows app

See Demo

Matriomonial Portal

Made using buddypress and wordpress.A custom front-end and back-end interface for a simple community matrimonial portal.


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